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Manitoba Court Awards Disabled Man Benefits and Mental Stress Damages

December 16, 2010 by LawBroker

Kevin Lumsdun, a 45 year old physiotherapy aide was employed by the Manitoba Development Centre, a special care home for mentally and physically challenged residents. His job duties included assisting in physical therapy programs under the supervision of a physiotherapist and carrying out various physical activity programs as well as some administrative duties. His job was physically demanding but he enjoyed his work and he was proficient at it.

Mr. Lumsden was insured through his employment by a Long Term Disability policy issued by the Provincial Government and managed and adjudicated by Great-West Life.

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Trucker Sues Mutual Life after Disability Benefits Terminated

December 15, 2010 by LawBroker

Darryl Brown was working as truck driver for Smokey Coal mine in Grand Cache Alberta. He was required to drive over rough surfaces, sometimes almost falling out of his seat. In September 1988, Mr. Brown had a “runaway” incident. His truck brakes failed and the truck went down a 600 ft. ramp. He suddenly felt a “big snap” on the right side of his lower back when the truck crashed into the bottom of a second ramp. From this point forward, he started experiencing back problems.

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Woman with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Sues Manulife for Disability Benefits

December 13, 2010 by LawBroker

In September 2001, Cindy Milner, age 45, was hired as a manager at a residential care facility for the elderly. She was responsible for managing nurses, care aids and related staff and ensuring that the facility had all the necessary supplies. In late October, she contracted pneumonia and was off work for one week. When she returned to work, Ms. Milner described having strange headaches, being unbelievably tired, and being forgetful and “foggy”. She left her job for good three weeks later from a multitude of symptoms later diagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome.

Posted in: Vancouver

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