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LawBroker.ca is a FREE lawyer referral service that provides customized referrals to personal injury lawyers and disability lawyers throughout Canada. Unlike other referral agencies, at LawBroker.ca a fully-licensed Canadian lawyer will analyze your case and conduct legal research to locate the best personal injury and disability lawyers in your area to represent you.

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Unbiased and Independent

By using the free referral service at LawBroker.ca, you will get the benefit of an unbiased and independent referral that looks past a lawyer’s self-promotion and advertisements. We conduct specialized research using selected court databases and unique legal resources to provide you with a free customized referral to a lawyer that has expertise in successfully representing a person with your specific injury or medical condition.

LawBroker.ca will review court decisions to locate a lawyer who has been successful in court and who has a proven track record of obtaining top compensation for injured and disabled clients.

The LawBroker Difference

LawBroker.ca provides customized referrals. Other referral agencies provide generic referrals to any lawyer that has registered with the referral agency and has paid a listing fee. At LawBroker.ca, a fully-licensed lawyer will analyze your case and conduct specialized research to provide you with a free customized referral that is tailored to fit your specific needs.

LawBroker.ca is independent. Other referral agencies only provide referrals to those lawyers that have registered with the referral agency and have paid a listing fee in advance. LawBroker.ca does not use a registration system and does not charge any lawyer or law firm a membership or registration fee in order to receive referrals. We are independent, unbiased, and will consider all licensed and practicing personal injury lawyers when providing you with a free customized referral.

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To receive a customized referral from LawBroker.ca, complete the confidential online application form. Your application form will be reviewed by a fully-licensed lawyer at LawBroker.ca.